AR Marketing Tool purplePAGES

AR Marketing tool purplePAGES



A Simple way to Connect & Engage with Customers !!! PurplePAGES has the features of recognizing the Enterprise logos, product images, brochures to provide the information.


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AR Marketing Tool PurplePAGES – An Augmented Reality Marketing & Lead Generation Tool for Enterprises

PurplePAGES, an Augmented Reality Mobile application which helps Enterprises to “Redefine Business” without disturbing the existing business ecosystem. It is a

  • Marketing Tool
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Brand Recall Tool

STEP 1: Register

STEP 2: Configure the images (Enterprise Logos, Brochures, Product Images, … ) to be scanned & the information (Video, PDF, open website, open another app, ) to be displayed when the image is scanned.

STEP 3 : Users can scan the image in any form :

  • Print – News papers, Magazines, Hoardings, Sign boards, Events, Exhibitions etc
  • Digital – websites,Facebook, LinkedIn etc

On scanning the image, information about the Enterprise or Products or Services will be displayed as per the configuration done.

LEAD GENERATION : After scanning the image & the displayed information is viewed by the user, enterprise contact details are displayed


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