What is Augmented Reality?

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The world of mobile technology is moving at a lightning pace. Trying to stay on par with the latest trends can be considered a full-time job. That’s why, we at PurpleAppleInfosystems are constantly exploring the expansive world of Augmented Reality and how it could help your business.
In its simplest form, this technology enables us to integrate the real-world objects with digital data to offer an immersive and engaging semi-virtual environment. This way, we are able to provide you mobility solutions that engages and delights your customers.

With high penetration of smartphones &better connectivity options, customers are looking for delightful experiences in day to day life. And such experience can be delivered with the help of this technology. Although in it’s infancy, Augmented Reality Development has started to prove itself as a disruptive force across varied industry sectors, from travel and fashion to finance and retail.
Recognizing this trend, enterprises too are looking for better ways to engage with their customers, with the help of this technology. For example, in the tourism sector, Augmented Reality and Travel can be integrated to provide the users with information about various historic sites during a sightseeing tour. In the fashion industry, Augmented Reality and Jewellery can be integrated to allow the users to get a feel of jewellery, saving the seller a lot on cost of collection shipping.

AR Enterprise Apps Development

Enterprise Apps Advantages:
  • Cost Effective
  • NO Training required
  • NO Additional Device required
  • Works on ALL smartphones
  • Interactivity & Engages the customers
  • Provide Delightful Experience
  • Easy Configuration
Top 10 reasons to have Augmented Reality Mobile Applications.
  • 1. Increase Interactivity.With immersive real-life simulations provided by AR, users are able to feel the products, allowing better interaction.
  • 2. Longer Customer Engagement.. The new AR technology encourages the customers to engage with the platform and the products for a longer time.
  • 3. Improve Customer Experience. AR offers attractive and delightful content to provide better customer experience.
  • 4. Provide Latest Information. Educate your customers about the latest news and information, through AR Mobile Solutions.
  • 5. Attract Millennials. The tech-savvy millennials are, undoubtedly, an enormous commercial force. AR mobile solutions helps you capture their attention.
  • 6. Increase Brand Recognition & Brand Awareness. Offer your consumers something your competitors don’t, probably, have yet.
  • 7. Increase the Selling Opportunity. With AR, it becomes possible to visualize objects in its “true” form. This eliminates the obstacle to online shopping, regarding products not being correctly represented.
  • 8. Eco Friendly Solutions. It reduces the need for print media for marketing awareness.
  • 9. Reduce Goods Returns. Consumers buy your products after thoroughly examining it through AR. This reduces the chances of consumers disliking the products later.
  • 10. Decrease Marketing Budget. AR based mobile applications is the answer for most of the marketing & brand awareness problems.

AR is Future!!!

Augmented Reality is becoming increasingly popular, as it finds its applications in everyday life. The future is here, and it is Augmented Reality.