Augmented Reality Enterprise Mobile Applications

In this competitive & fast paced world, enterprises are looking for innovative & disruptive methods to increase revenues without disturbing the existing business ecosystem.

PurpleAppleInfosystems helps “Redefine Your Business” with the help of Enterprise Mobile Applications Development.

Augmented Reality is swiftly changing the shape of commerce sector. The core benefit of Enterprise Mobile Applications Development for your business is that the Hardware is already available, and the usage is understanding and intuitive. With the help of Enterprise Mobile Applications Development, you can enable your customers to try on your products, such as clothes, jewelry, furniture, etc. through their mobile device.

3 Mains Reasons to go for Augmented Reality Enterprise Mobile Applications.

  • Provide novelty factor by offering something that your competitors don’t have yet
  • Technology Improvements provides additional information in the real time:
    • Smartphone penetration
    • High Mobile Processing Speeds
    • High Bandwidth Data Channels
  • Provide delightful Experience to the customer which increases the chances of purchasing

Why PurpleApple & Augmented Reality Enterprise Mobile Applications Development?

“We Redefine Business” – with Innovative Augmented Reality Enterprise Mobile Applications Development to increase revenues & brand awareness without disturbing the existing business  ecosystem. Our Augmented Reality based Enterprise Mobility Solutions integrates reality with virtual world to Educate, Engage & Entertain the customer, provides delightful experience and works on any smartphone. This delightful experience will lead to brand retention, repeated customers & increased revenues.
Our Augmented Reality Mobile Applications “Virtual Humsafar” & “Virtual Try Shopping” are recognized by various Startup & Accelerator programs (IIMB-NSRCEL, IITD-WEE, XLR8AP).

Virtual Humsafar Mobile Application

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Virtual Humsafar

A True Companion While Travelling…. a friend who can Engage, Entertain & Educate the traveler. Also has the Geo-fence & Panic safety features.

PurpleApple Infosystems Travel


An Augmented Reality Mobile Application, VIRTUAL Humsafar provides delightful experience to the traveler while travelling - features like synchronizing with Co-travelers or vehicle drivers, remembering multiple locations like bus stops, parking place, hotels provides more convenience to the traveler. Added utility features like saving important contact details and use of latest technology Augmented Reality will make journey more safe & memorable.. User locations, emergency contact details or any other details are stored in the device only. These details will be removed once the app is uninstalled or clear the cache. Guest user can provide correct contact details only if the user would like to contact by PurpleApple team. There is no authentication done on the contact details provided. Travellers are NOT tracked by the system or stored on the server. This is ONLY available for the travelers who opt for this. Travellers can OPT-OUT from settings menu.

PurplePAGES Enterprise Mobile Application

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A Simple way to Connect & Engage with Customers !!! PurplePAGES has the features of recognizing the Enterprise logos, product images, brochures to provide the information.

PurpleApple Infosystems AR Marketing Tool back iimage

PurplePAGES – An Augmented Reality Marketing & Lead Generation Tool for Enterprises

PurplePAGES, an Augmented Reality Mobile application which helps Enterprises to “Redefine Business” without disturbing the existing business ecosystem. It is a
  • Marketing Tool
  • Lead Generation Tool
  • Brand Recall Tool
STEP 1: Register STEP 2: Configure the images (Enterprise Logos, Brochures, Product Images, ... ) to be scanned & the information (Video, PDF, open website, open another app, ) to be displayed when the image is scanned. STEP 3 : Users can scan the image in any form :
  • Print - News papers, Magazines, Hoardings, Sign boards, Events, Exhibitions etc
  • Digital - websites, Facebook, LinkedIn etc
On scanning the image, information about the Enterprise or Products or Services will be displayed as per the configuration done. LEAD GENERATION : After scanning the image & the displayed information is viewed by the user, enterprise contact details are displayed