Amrutha Valli founded PurpleApple Infosystems, which owns TRYb4uBUY, a channel that uses AI to allow users to try products like spectacles, jewellery, apparel, furniture, furnishings, wallpapers, home décor, etc., in a live environment with the exact Amrutha Valli, the Founder of PurpleApple Infosytems, has always believed that women are born entrepreneurs.


“We wear multiple hats, multi-task, and balance so many roles easily. The entrepreneur bug is latent in every woman. It’s only a matter of time before the innate skills show up"
However, it took Amrutha more than 20 years of working as a security consultant with corporates like Wipro and Tata Docomo to think of starting up.The MCA gold medallist from Sri Padmavati Mahila Viswa Vidyalayam, Tirupati, started thinking of taking the entrepreneurial plunge in 2014. It took around one-and-a-half years for her to give it the current structure.

DST & WEE Foundation

WEE(women Entrepreneurship and Empowerment), an initiative of IIT Delhi was founded in august 2016 and launched with ample media coverage. When there are so many Entrepreneur programs and Organization which are working for and by Entrepreneurs, how is this different? This question has arised many times. Based on personal experience and interaction with co-founders of WEE, I present some of the unique qualities of WEE.

PurpleApple in DST & WEE Foundation

WEE has completed two batches till now and mix of women entrepreneurs is great. Some of the selected women are running a marathon while some are fast racer in business execution. WEE Foundation is also ecosystem partner of “smart 50 program, an initiative of IIM KOLKATA, DST and NDTV” and was community partner in “Catapoolt Changemakers challenge season 2”.

Delhi based Startup

The business world is ready to embrace new technologies. Technologies like Augmented Reality are already being used to meet the business requirements, accelerate business activities, provide experience to customers & compete with others. “Pokemon Go” is a perfect example of how Augmented Reality seamlessly merges the ‘Reality with Virtuality’. Augmented reality has the potential in changing every facet of our lives, such as Healthcare, Retail, Travel & Tourism, Media & Entertainment and Education Sector by providing personal experience to its users.

PurpleApple Infosystems Unleash your technologies

Amrutha Valli, an MCA gold medalist,20+ years of work experience in Wipro & Tata Docomo, now an Entrepreneur is coming up with Innovative products using Augmented Reality Technology. A risk taker, perfectionist and a person of curious mind, she continuously fights to make a difference. She is hence attracted towards challenging green field initiatives. “PurpleApple Infosystems” is the result of such initiatives undertaken by her. She dedicates her time in creating AR products for businesses to help them in their future endeavours.